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mit - pierce laboratory

Tuesday, December 4, 2018
MIT Pierce Laboratory Building 1

MIT Pierce Laboratory

MIT Pierce Laboratory classroom

A class lecture about AI research and robotics.

I was invited to visit one of MIT's engineering labs at the Pierce Laboratory. It was my very first time at Cambridge so I was looking forward to seeing the sights and meeting some of the faculty there.

MIT is ... very motivated to make new advancements in AI science education. They have a lot of ambitious ideas about focusing their cores in artificial intelligence and machine learning, but given some of the stuff they covered in the lecture I had some questions about how they seem to be prioritizing 'pure science' above all other disciplines of learning. Going over the workflow of how their students are putting the schematics together is beyond me, like ... whatamilookingat lol.

MIT touched up on some behavioral concepts that were kinda interesting and they're confident about meeting some of their goals this year ... but again, choosing not to involve: language majors, philosophers, artists, etc! – choosing to leave out students of other disciplines with this research is kinda short-sighted, iono.

I do wish them the best though. The students at MIT are a hell of a lot more inspired than I am I didn't learn shit at Columbia lol ANYWAY

Would like to visit again, ja. ♡