and 3D glasses


Friday, June 5, 2020
mystified by the sudden overwhelming support of the black lives matter movement when not very long ago it was considered too radical of a concept for white liberals to support unanimously.

i haven't forgotten about what happened after trayvon martin. and, subsequently, eric garner. there seems to be a lot of selective forgetting over the many events that have led us to this point, primarily the eye-rolling
#alllivesmatter sympathising whenever a black person is murdered by law enforcement.

those who have been and continue to be complicit to white supremacy are conditional in their protest against it. and i am curious to know how much of what we're seeing today will effect real change in the future, as there is no doubt that even the most performative displays of support for the black lives matter movement will come to an end once it no longer bears any social clout.


black lives matter.

but for how long?